Egg “Muffins”

16 Jun


I love these. They are so much fun and perfect for a family of eaters with different tastes. Justin will pretty much eat anything. I am a little less adventurous. These are so great because they can be individualized for different people or your mood that day.

What you need

4 eggs
2 tablespoons of milk
Cooking spray/baking cups
Salt and pepper to taste
Various omelet toppings ( I used ham and cheese this time, but the possibilities are endless!)

Preheat your oven to 350

These are so easy. Whisk the eggs and milk together. Add salt and pepper, if you so desire. I’ve read several recipes that use half and half or heavy cream, and it does taste better, but not necessary by any means. Next pour the eggs into your muffin pan.


Now, I have made these several times and my biggest and ONLY complaint is, I can’t seem to figure out a method to keep the eggs from sticking. I have tried cooking spray and LOTS of it. I have tried coating the pan in crisco and butter. They still stuck after all those attempts, leaving me scrubbing the pan after breakfast. So, this time I thought I would line it with baking cups. The eggs still stuck to them a little bit, but it at least made for easier cleaning.

Anyways, fill your muffin pan. Make sure you don’t fill it up too much, because they will overflow once you add your toppings. Fill them about 2/3 full depending on how much you want to add. Then add away, whatever you want. Get creative. These are fun because everyone in the family can make their own!  I made these all the same on this occasion. We had leftover ham from dinner the previous night, so I threw that in there with some cheese. The ham was a hit. Justin downed his share.


Bake them in the oven for about 20 minutes at 350 and enjoy! 🙂


Justin and I both ate three, so if you’re making for a lot of people you might want to make a bunch!!

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